Friday, February 10, 2006

Media Policy – Figuring Out Where to Start (notes from Fred October 19, 2005)


  • Center for Digital Direction (Jeff Chester in DC)
  • Yes! Magazine
  • Community Media Review

Public Interest and the Media

  • Thinking about impact on community
  • Politics
  • Democracy
  • Diversity of ideas/culture

Points of view:

  • corporate
  • regulatory
  • consumer affairs – ask if PEG access raises cable rates

Two other parts of Media discussion:

  • Media Culture
  • Infrastructure Development

Media Policy – Levels of Regulation:

  • Federal
  • State
  • Local (county/municipality)
  • GAT (global, formerly WTO) *new

Regulatory Categories (based on type of software; differences in business models & computer management):

  • Broadcasting
  • Cable
  • Telephony
  • Internet

Monopolies DON’T:

  • innovate
  • diverse
  • do the unpopular
  • share
  • price competitively
  • they sell services at a low prize to kill smaller competitors, then jack up prices (price gouging)

Emerging Issues:

  • Copyright (Open source and free distribution, Creative Commons)
  • Definition of communication service vs. cable service (Title 1 & 2)
  • Must carry: A FCC regulation requiring that cable TV systems must carry all locally-licensed television stations. This was done to prevent cable from destroying free over-the-air television.
  • elastic demand for cable keep prices high and censor local stations
  • General Public License (GPL) agreement
  • WIFI (or now WIMAX)
  • Public ownership / monopoly
  • Broadband over powerlines

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