Monday, February 13, 2006

Tactical Media Website

I've been working on the content that's going to go on the homepage of the website. Take a look and let me know if this sounds okay. Thanks.

“History of Tactical Media”
Tactical Media started as a collaborative experiment in project-based learning being undertaken by the Community Media and Technology Program at UMass Boston's College of Public and Community Service and Media Working Group.

In Fall of 2004 four 20 minute documentaries produced by Media Working Group and students from the Community Media and Technology Program: Transmitted nationally via cable/satellite link created by Cambridge Community Television during the Democratic National Convention.

Spring 2005 a mission statement was formed and a week long Digital Media Workshop was put together. During this week workshops such as Basic Video Camera Instruction, Intro to Web Design, Digital Storytelling, etc. were given and people from the CPCS community as well as the Boston community attended.

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Sequoia Stenlund said...

I think that this looks like good content Shannon. Anyone else agree?