Thursday, September 28, 2006

hi everyone! wel i just read an e-amil that fred sent regarding media concentration and censorship issues taking place in South Africa. it seems that there is a global effort to keep opposing viewpoints out of the public sphere. to me it is not an issue of right v. left but rather having an equal representation of views. Supposedly in this country we have a liberal media. Can anyone show me where this exists? The media here is one center to right orgy of propaganda which is fine as long as the other side gets its equal share of airtime. When was the last time that we have seen howard zinn on fox or cnn or msnbc? how about chomsky? how about stories reported fairly on all the soldiers who are standing and refusing deployement in this unjust and illegal war? why wasn't the hugo chavez speech more fairly critiqued in the media? After all he did have some important things to say. fox's motto is Fair and Balanced!!! Please!! what we need is a real fair and balanced media where all opinions even dissenting ones are heard. then we can begin to speak of freedom and democracy! see ya!

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