Thursday, September 28, 2006

i just read the article that fred sent regarding media ownership concentration in south africa. it seems to me that there is a global effort to suppress dissent and opposing viewpoints. it is not an issue of the right v. the left but rather having different opinions available to the public within the mainstream public sphere. when was the last time anyone saw howard zinn commenting on mainstream tv? how about chomsky? what about a fair report on all the soldiers who are refusing deployment in this unjust and illegal war in iraq? in this country supposedly we have a liberal(god i hate that word) media> can someone please point it outto me? the mainstream media is an orgy of center to right propaganda!! fox's motto is "fair and balanced." give me a break!! it's insulting, isn't it?
so i encourage the availability of right wing pundits but to counter that there must be radical and dissenting thoughts as well. for there to be a real democracy then there must be informed choice and not media oppression! see ya!

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