Thursday, March 01, 2007

Notes Collaborative Media

1st Collaborative Media meeting -- 3/1/07

  • Set date for workshop
  • Reserve space for workshop (probably Taylor Center)
  • Consider audience for workshop
NOTES meeting March 1, 2007 -530-630pm
  1. Meeting will be every week from 530-630pm
    Next meeting Thursday March 8 Taylor Center
  2. Decided on two workshops : Dates for workshops will be
    • Tuesday April 10, 530to ?- tentatively
    • Wednesday April 11, 2:00 to 4pm tentatively
  3. Aaron: will email/call/stop by Peter's office to reserve space for workshops and report back next March 8
  4. Audience we are aiming for so far are students both UMB and other universities/institutions; plus faculty and staff. with little or no understanding about blogs+wiki's

    Fred: Thoughts about the workshop topics : What do you as students need or want?

    SIDE NOTE : Reminder can work on independent projects and bounce ideas off of each other in the collaberative media meetings.

    Task for next week: work on finding definitions of Collaborative Media from various sites and post on media with your name in BOLD

    Jason recommended to check out for examples

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