Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jason was leading us in different discussions, Pam also helped as well.
Facilitator- Sequoia
Note Taker- Yianno

We began the meeting by finishing up what was being talked about last week
Next we went over a Policy Discussion
Communication Policy Wiki
Reported Video Workshops and Other group projects

One question that was first addressed during the meeting was “Can they setup these so called toll” according to Jason they can. They have certain credibility to do it. It definitely would not be fair at all though for most people. We also talked a little of how phone companies are trying to make it possible to use video phone. Another invention that was also promised to us by the phone company. There was also another strange thing that was brought up about how certain parts of this country people can’t get a phone. There are very few instances where this can occur. Cable companies have also been complaining about how they want the same treatment as the phone companies.

Big Picture- we talked about how certain internet movies can be seen globally so fast. For instance the Chinese Back street Boys. How did it travel so fast to so many different peoples computers. We found out that there are 100’s even 1000’s of different video cites where any person could view different videos and share them. Which lead up to our next discussion on copyrighting. Copyrighting is something that subsist in a wide range of creative, intellectual, or artistic forms or "works” The symbol for copyright is © (Unicode U+00A9), and in some jurisdictions may alternatively be written as either (c) or (C).

We then talked about the different workshops that were being offered and who wanted to do what.

Video Workshops- Charlotte, Stephen, Jay and Yianno
We have our first meeting November 3 4:30 p.m

We found out what people are interested in.
People can choose whether or not they want to host their own screenings

Writing Article for Mass Media- Stephen showed interest
Wiki Related stuff- Pam, Sequoia, Jonell and Gulet
Learning about Editing- Gulet, Charlotte, Jay and Yianno

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